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PC & Mac Repair

Certified Technicians to take care of all your PC or MAC problems.  We have been MAC certified for over 8 years and all technicians are A+ and Micrisoft Certified.  We approach every issueas it was our own.  If we would not put money into it out of our own pocket then we won’t let our customers take money out of theirs.  After all we all work hard to make a living why wast money on something that is not worth it!

Computer Diagnostics Services

•Spyware & Adware Removal •Virus & Worm Removal •Identity-Stealing Trojan Removal •Registry Cleanup for Faster Boot-up Times •Clear Out Excess Temporary Files from Internet Surfing •Clean Out Dust and Grime Buildup •Test All Hardware Devices (CD-ROM, Sound, etc.) •Update Windows with the latest Security patches •Explain How to Keep Your System Maintained •Explain How to Avoid Re-infecting Your Computer

Data Recovery & Backup

What is data recovery? Data recovery is the process of recovering data from storage media when it cannot be accessed normally. Hard drives are among the most common types of storage media requiring data recovery. However, there are many other forms of electronic, optical, and magnetic storage media that can become damaged or corrupted. Data recovery is generally considered to be the last resort when all other attempts to retrieve the data have been exhausted. We can perform data recovery from virtually any type of media or situation including: •Crashed Hard Drive Recovery •Accidental Deletion Recovery •Accidental Formatting Recovery •Failed External Storage Device Recovery •Flash Drive & Camera Card Recovery •CD & DVD Recovery

Laptop Service

Over the past 10 Years we have seen laptops that should never be running but amazingly still

are, we have also seen brand new laptops that break out of the box.  So how do you know what

is a good laptop or a bad one.  You don’t!!!!  But we can help you with that.  When we look at a

laptop we not only look at it as ours personally but we look at it with the intention of doing the

right thing.  If it makes sense to fix it we will tell you, if not we will give you options.  Our rule of

thumb is if it is more than 5 years old most likely you will not get the money back that you put

into it! Here are some of the laptop repair services we provided to help you save money:

DC Jack Repair AC Adapters Motherboard Repair LCD/Backlight Replacement Keyboard and touchpad repair and replacement. Virus, Spyware & Pop up removal. Data Recovery

Custom Build Computers

Custom Built Our custom computers are hand built. Every PC goes through an extensive line of stress- testing and benchmarking to ensure rock solid stable operation for years. Custom Tweaks We offer performance enhancing tweaks such as processor, memory, and video card overclocking. This allows us to push our computers to new heights with complete stability to give you the best possible gaming experience. From the experience we have gained from building unrivaled gaming PCs, we provide features that you can't find at our competitors. Low Price Gaming Systems No one can match the level of value we provide to our custom gaming computers with the same type of parts and the same service we offer. Our custom computers are designed with the industry's leading components and brands. Testing Procedures - If we don’t break it you won’t! Before putting your computer system together we use pre-tested, burned in, and screened components from our batch area. Your operating system/drivers are all installed by hand to make sure that all of the latest updates and patches for the operating system are installed. Your custom PC is then put through our burn in where it is burned in overnight at 90'F-106'F temperature to ensure your custom built gaming PC maintains rock solid stability. Your PC is then taken to its final quality inspection test. Our review of the computer to ensure it meets the quality demands we set forth in our store.
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