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Our Mission

Our Mission here at Dante Computer Revolution is not to sell you a computer - we want to sell you what you need or fix your old computer.  We are not in business to take money out of your pocket we take a certain pride in making you spend your hard earned money on what makes sense!  We also take pride in making every decision based on Integrity, Honesty and common sense - not for us but for you!  Looking to buy a new system - we offer several option: New Manufactured System We take pride in what and how we sell for manufactured systems - we spend 3-5 hours on each system we will never just hand you the box. We test all the hardware on every system - We load Windows, clean up all the bloat ware (software that comes on a system that just eats up your resources and then wants you to pay for it after 60 day trial), We do all the windows updates to the system and then we optimize it for best performance. (all that is included in the price) We do not charge for this like other companies do! Overstock System This is one of the most popular system, in the Computer world, manufactures change model numbers like everyone else changes their pants. They make small modification to a system and then change the model number. Big box stores send back the old model number and have to sell the new models. We pick them up and sell them for less - we still do our job and go through them, but you get a high end system for 100's less than when it was first released! We believe that just selling a system isn't enough. The reason we do all the extra work is so that when you get the system home the only thing you need to do is plug it in, get on the internet and load any programs that you want to have on your system. Common sense is that when you buy a system you shouldn't have to spend 3 hours doing downloads and optimizing your system you should just have to plug it in - that's why we do what NO one else does when you buy a system form us - OH and that's called customer service for all you big box types that read this! Custom Computer We can build you that new high end gaming rig or just a plain Jane system - we use nothing in our customs that we wouldn't use on our own system, quality and performance are our big pet peeves when it comes to a new custom build!
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