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D@nte Computer Revolution
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Almost 20 years of Computer technician experience and 10

Years in Retail Computer customer service:

We started out as a Computer Renaissance with a store in Maple Grove and another in Minnetonka. In 2007 we grew to a third store located in Brooklyn Park.  In 2009 when the financial meltdown hit the United States we had to make a decision to either close or relocate and downsize to weather the storm.  As many others had to do personally and with their businesses we chose to fight and stay the course for what we have worked to achieve and with hard work, faith in God and family we survived.  On September 3rd of 2013 we made another change, we relocated again from the location at 101 Central Ave in Osseo (also known as the rainforest) to 233 1st Ave NE in Osseo.  Our lease was done and with issues with the building that the landlord did not care to address we decided in the best interest for the business and safety for our customers we would move.  Our new location is located closer to the main part of town and 1 block off of Central Ave. to the East.  The only stop light on Central Ave. is 3rd Street and we are at 3rd Street and 1st Ave, NE right on the corner.  As a long time custom said “it’s a little smaller, but much more customer friendly”.  So after years of frustration and anxiety we celebrate our 10 years anniversary in business with a new website and new location.  Thanks to my family, friends, customers and our faith in God we hope to serve you for another 10 years!

About the Owner

My name is Chris Mercadante and I am the owner of Dante Computer Revolution. 10 Years ago I got the entrepreneurial bug and decided to take the risk of owning my own business.  The thought of not having a boss, taking anytime off you want, no headaches of “micro - management” to deal with, walking to the bank with wheel barrows full of money, never worrying about bills or anything else ever again.  I was going to be a small business owner and live in luxury.  Then I woke up and realized that the only way to live that way is to work PERIOD.  I have always had a great work ethic thanks to my parent.  I have never been afraid to take a risk or take on a challenge.  The surprise that I had was the actual reality of being a small business owner.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love what I do and I am pretty good at it.  I enjoy dealing with the common sense customer and still get a kick out of building a computer and tweaking it and then breaking it.  I love solving the problems that are called Microsoft and computers in general.  I especially enjoy the fixing of “the brother in law” who is an electrician during the day but thinks he is a computer whiz at night and will fix anything on a computer at least twice.  Like most people I usually call an electrician when I need plumbing done, just makes total sense right?  If you picked up the sarcasm then you understand, if not please go to the geek squad! I spent enough years in the Military doing many different things, except anything to do with computers except a GPS.  I have been to many different countries in the military and understand that some people want to be like other countries, for me, I like the United States.  There are some that want to change it, as you can probably tell by my website I’m not one of them.  At any time there is usually someone in the store talking about Politics, Guns, Cigars, BBQ or just the friendly gossip of a small town in Minnesota and it is always enjoyable. I am a Service Disabled Veteran and a life member of the DAV (Disabled American Veterans Association), I am a catholic, I am a card carrying life member of the NRA, and I am a life member of the American Legion and VFW.  I believe that people that say they support our troops should put their money where their mouth is and actually get off their ass and help one.  There are enough veterans in this country that every one of us owes a debt to and still we have ones that are out of work or even worse homeless, but we still have the mentality, of some people, that say one thing and then turn their back when the time comes – those people – and we all know who they are – need a swift kick in the ass! As you can tell I am not afraid to speak my mind.  I run my business the same way.  I am not afraid to tell you the truth, or to say I cannot do something.  I am not in business to take your money.  I am in business to provide for my family.  So the only way to do that is to work hard and run my business with honesty, integrity, common sense and hard work something that many people have forgotten what those things mean.  Some people do not like the fact that I will be up front and tell you what you do not want to hear, but I will not “just tell you what you want to hear” to make a quick buck.  Like it or not you will get the truth, what you do with it is up to you.  I will help people that want to be helped in business or in life and I believe that my name and my word are the only things that I can have full control of.  Not every customer is right, how can every customer be right? And I am not right all the time so there is always a solution to every problem – common sense and honesty usually gets to a solution some people understand that, and then there are the others! I am honored and humbled to be able to be in business, to have a loving family, to have supportive and caring friends and to have customers that still come to me after 10 years.  I am not perfect, in business or in life, but my faith in god will always be true and keep me grounded.  My wife and children that I have been blesses with are my foundation and my brothers and mother, I lost my father who was a WW2 and a cop for 33 years in 2011 but is always with me, will always be my history.  I will always believe that God, Family and Country is the cornerstone of a great nation and to remove any of those will be the fall of this country. Well that’s the beginning at least I hope and pray that I am blessed with another 10 years in business, and to all that read this and come into the store, I will treat you as you treat me and don’t be alarmed if you see someone in the store with a gun – I allow people to express their second amendment rights as I do all the rights of the Constitution of the United States. Chris
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